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Super Learning, Improved Retention and Memory – Carole, PSTEC User, talks about how PSTEC Positive helped her retain more of her studies, reading and also to learn a new language. CLICK  on PODCAST below.

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Susan Cromer

Certified PSTEC™ Therapist

With a background in Adult and Secondary Education, Susan Cromer specializes in teaching learners of all ages how to decrease stress and anxiety, reach peak performance levels, improve memory, eliminate fear of public speaking or cold calling, stop food and cigarette addictions/cravings, and much more. 

“The Unwanted Emotion Eraser”, “Wealth of Abundance”, “Change Your Beliefs/Achieve Your Goals”, and “Coping With Cancer Treatment” are a few examples of workshops she conducts at schools for students, school instructional personnel and administrators, PTA's, corporations, small businesses, hospitals, and other groups and charities.

Private sessions are available to teach you to create a crystal clear vision for ‘ultimate success’, uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your progress, and to achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.