4 EASY STEPS TO HAPPINESS – The “Self-Help” Sequence


1.  Download and USE the **FREE** PSTEC™ Click Tracks






2. Download and USE PSTEC  Level 1

             Because you want value AND success you’re going to get all of the following:

                   1. The Therapy Guide (For therapists. Includes lots for self help, too!)
                   2. More Powerful Click Tracks (Different and important click tracks)
                   3. Success with PSTEC (Self help or therapy)
                   4. PSTEC Positive Instructions (For self help.  Includes lots for therapists)
                   5. The PSTEC Positive Click Tracks (Different and important positive click tracks)




3. Download and USE the PSTEC™ Accelerators

           The purpose of the PSTEC Accelerator tracks is to “ramp up” the power of every other PSTEC                     track.

            It’s for longer term use of PSTEC that the Accelerators are an absolute must because they are

            carefully designed to give better and more profound results in less time.


        You’ll get:

             1.A comprehensive tutorial (approx 45 minutes)
             2.Two relaxational accelerators (approx 26 minutes and approx 16 minutes)
             3.Two Accelerator click tracks (approx 8 minutes each)




4. Download and USE “How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way”

     On this audio you’ll discover how to use PSTEC ™ and other simple techniques to “re-pattern your life” 

     for whatever successes you want the easy way.  (Approximately 3 hours of MP3 Audio).






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In my practice, I use the Basic PSTEC Package (Free Click Tracks) as well as many of the even more sophisticated PSTEC materials listed below. These may be needed during phone/Skype therapy sessions or you may want to purchase for self-help purposes. 

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A Quick Start Guide to PSTEC ™




Disclaimer:  Video is meant to illustrate the capabilities of PSTEC but for obvious reasons, no guarantee of success is made or implied.   What may be effective for one person may not be for another. 

Get started NOW!  Follow the 4 Easy Steps To Happiness below. Questions? 


Live a joyful and empowered life.  Experience for yourself how quickly PSTEC™ can positively transform your life!  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3....4!


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